Traffic Counter

counting vehicles and people one at a time...

The Stop Sign Delay studyallows the traffic engineer to record and measure the traffic at an intersection that is controlled by a stop light.  The study measures the delay of each vehicle as it passes through a traffic stop light in an intersection.

The traffic engineer taps on when a vehicle stops at the end of the line, and then tap the next key when a vehicle crosses the intersection line, the app keeps track of the time of each tap.

Each time the engineer taps one of the two Red stop, it will automatically count and post the time stamp.   

  1. Tap the Red stop to get to display the number of vehicles that are completely stopped in the traffic line to start of the study. If the lane is empty when you start the study then you do not need to enter (tap) any.
  2. As each vehicle arrives to the back of the traffic line and stops completely, Tap the corresponding Red stop to add the vehicle.
  3. As the vehicles in a lane crosses the intersection and passes the green line (as in picture above), Tap the corresponding lane Green mark of that specific lane
  4. To end the study go to (Options) and tap [STOP].