Traffic Counter

counting vehicles and people one at a time...


When the App Starts the following screen appears

1. Press the   Button to set up the location of the Study

2. The New Location Study Screen will appear

3. Select the study type you will perform for this location

  • Intersection (12 Classes)
  • Intesection Simple (3 Classes)
  • Roundabout Turning
  • Stop Sign Delay
  • Bicycle Class Count
  • Vehicle class count
  • Basic Counting
  • Single Counting

4. Enter the Study Name for later reference. for example:  

5. If using the GPS (Maps)  find the location on the Map and tap to add a Pin Drop where the study will be conducted


  • If not using GPS, turn off the GPS by sliding the switch and a new field will appear to enter the location manually
  • If Map does not appear immediatelly please  the map
  • Option to select Hybrid Maps (Includes buildings) or Road Maps (only roads)
  • Use the sliding bar to zoom the map

6. Type Location or Slide Button for GPS Coordinates; automatically will center your location.

7 Tap to place a Pin on the Map

8 Save the project. 


On the bottom of the screen there is a tab menu, these buttons will be used for the studies

1. Select the Study Location  and the following screen will appear: 

2. Select the Study Location that was created on the previous step (Set Up).  The map and the image of the study will be displayed.

3. Change the Sudy Time if required

4. Enter the Person Name who is conducting the Study, this can also identify if there is other studies conducted on the same location.

5. After this screen is completed, you are ready to Start Study, press the START  Button

6. Upon pressing the Start  Button, the following screen will be displayed: 

This screen will be used to START the Study  or to END the Study 

To Start the Study press the  and the following sceen will appear starting the study

  • The count down timer will start.  User can pause the timer by pressing the timer button 
  • User can start counting vehicles by pressing the buttons on each road
  • To end the study press  and then 
  • Optional: User can lock the screen by sliding the top button to prevent accidental page changes
  • When countdown reaches 0, the study ends and can not longer enter data
  • If time extension is required timer can me re-setted on Options Tab by pressing Reset
  • To end or stop the study press button Stop / Re-start

Study is saved on device for future reference or download

To display the saved data enter to History 

1. To download Study, press on 

2. To retrieve the report, connect to the iTunes App (R) and download the file "traffic.csv"

3. This file will contain PVR data "Per Vehicle" stamped data with the information to perform studies with Excel.